Eirik Skjærseth


Is it time for Democracy 2.0?
Our next speaker Eirik Skjærseth believes that this is the time in human history that will decide what kind of society we want to create using technology. After attaining his Master’s degree in Engineering at NTNU, Eirik co-founded the company Bolder in Stavanger that coined the term “Conscious Technology”, a concept that suggests the digital tools we build should be working for fundamental human values with the aim of empowering humanity. Large scale projects from his company include, amongst others, a citizen platform for Democracy 2.0, and a 64.000 m sq Physical Experience Lab.

In his talk, Eirik will share the philosophy behind this concept, how technological advancement has put us on a path of widening inequality and reduced quality of life, holding back human development in the long run. He will enlighten us about how to create an environment for human-oriented innovation, and how to challenge conventional ways of doing business.