TEDx Stavanger 2019
Tomorrow's challenges. Today!


Large scale migration, climate change, genetic engineering and artificial intelligence are but a few examples of the changes humanity is facing as we move into the future. Some see these changes as huge challenges, but they also present enormous potential for the cross fertilization of ideas and technologies, and for the creation of great economic, environmental, social and health benefits.


Stavanger, at the heart of Rogaland county in south western Norway, is specially placed to respond to this creative and technological ferment, with its “cluster of excellence” in the field of sub-sea engineering, a highly cosmopolitan social mix, and an emerging, vibrant startup scene.


There are three main strands to our theme of “Tomorrow’s Challenges, Today”:



What are the new technologies we need for a sustainable future? Stavanger is the operational headquarters for Norway’s state oil company, an international oil & gas giant now shifting its focus towards renewable energy.  We are deeply curious about these new ideas emerging from within the energy sector. How can we support renewable initiatives so they become robust enough to succeed commercially and to present real alternatives to carbon-based fuels?  How can we make use of smart technologies to solve complex challenges in balancing economic gains and environmental sustainability?


The millennial generation will face unprecedented global challenges in decades to come. They will need the leadership qualities to navigate our world through critical about environmental change, demographic disruption, political upheaval, powerful new technologies, the opportunities and ethical challenges of genetic engineering.  Decisions which may radically alter the course of humanity. What kind of leaders does the world need in the face of these dilemmas? What can we do to equip our future generations of leaders?


Stavanger is renowned both within Norway and internationally as a center for street art, boasting a wide array of figurative and abstract designs on outdoor “urban canvasses”. The creative spark that revitalizes derelict urban space through art is a piece with the way we confront the changes brought by global challenges arising before us. The same spirit that brings “dead space” to life with unexpected, colorful and playful images, is perhaps exactly what we need when engaging a future of unknown threats and possibilities.

Event Schedule

Opening doors
Start of event
Hope for the hare-brained
Ignite curiosity, Fuel connections
Saving suicides, yes we can
Laugh in the face of challenges
Politics is poisoning foreign aid. Let's fix it.
A vision of future leadership from a young entrepreneur
First Interval
Place: Foyer
Welcome back!
Let's go EPICally MAD
Investing in our future: Learning Through Loss
Why art and music education today is essential for tomorrow
Crazy enough to be normal
Who is the person sitting next to you?
Second Interval
Place: Foyer
Welcome back!
Is it time for Democracy 2.0?
Our House
A journey towards asking for help
Contemporary dance

Venue Location

Stavanger Konserthus

Sandvigå 1, 4007 Stavanger

Tlf.: 51 53 70 00



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