Words from a volunteer : Axel Bonnaud

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Axel Bonnaud,

Program Director

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get!

Before getting involved in TEDx Stavanger 2019, I knew one thing : “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get” – so let’s jump into the beauty of the unknown.  After a week, my job title was cast in stone : Program Director, however my job description is a bit less… [cast in stone] and keeps on growing by the weeks.

But it is fine. The TEAM is there. In the program team, Team stands for Talented, Energetic, Amazing, and Motivated people. This team, of young and incredible people, is coming from all horizons and all backgrounds: From the initial six members, the Team grew to sixteen members. Sixteen members, Sixteen nationalities. 

This Team has one objective : Deliver the best TEDx event possible while having a blast. However the beauty of this TEAM relies on two concepts: Respect and Fun. This team understands and respects that everyone comes from a different background and what is obvious for one might not be for the other but we respect that, and we communicate among us. We do not take a cultural aspect for granted, because in our international context everyone leaves space for the other to express himself or herself. 

The second thing is “Do as much as possible of what makes you happy” : High Happiness means High Performance !!! Once i heard “Do you know why volunteering work is not paid? because it is priceless ”. So Happiness is our reward as volunteer. And do you want to know the best part of it? It is probably one of the very few jobs where you can decide about your own “wedge”. And that is a maybe the biggest lesson to take from this event. 

To me, this Team is a source of motivation, joy, and inspiration, a place where we can talk and feel listened, a place where topic can be discussed, idea can be thrown, brainstorms are fizzy  and decisions taken together… More than a team , it is a community where each individual is different but strive towards the same goal.  This Team, I owe it everything.

To all of you, i do not know how to thank you enough for all the work, dedication, and joy that you put in it. The journey is unbelievable, so let’s reach our next destination all together safe and sound, it is just the beginning. 


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