Words from a volunteer : Norma Wong

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Norma Wong,

Marketing Director

How would you visualize the theme “Tomorrow’s Challenges, Today” in a logo?

This is the challenge we posed to our budding designer Viktoria Oreshko, and we are proud of the result! For those that are interested, let me unpack for you some thoughts behind the logo:

First, the girl wearing a pair of virtual reality goggles is a symbol of us looking into the future.

The cascading letters reads – perhaps with some difficulties – “challenges”, such that the shape of the word itself contains the meaning of it. The complex challenges that human society is facing could indeed be hard to “read”, or to define clearly.

The square shape around the logo is a reminder of the fact that we like to stay in a box, but solutions to the challenges may well lie outside it.

What’s more, inside the box are “silos”, which are how people tend to see the world. We tend to stay in areas we are most familiar with, and do not feel comfortable breaking them and working with people with a different point of view. However, future challenges are often complex, and will require solutions across silos.

Lastly, we decided on black and white as our main colours, to keep a serious, somber tone to it.

So there you go. This is our logo explained, and which also represent how we think about our theme and expectation from the event. We are looking forward to raising issues from different fields, by speakers who have contributed to a variety of solutions, to an audience who came from vastly diverse backgrounds. We are looking to breaking silos, and to trigger conversations to reach for out-of-the-box solutions.


So, are you ready for the challenge, Stavanger?


Norma Wong

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