Words from a volunteer : Dave Roberts

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Dave Roberts,

Head Coach

Have you ever had the experience where you turned up for what you thought was a routine meeting and came away with a life-changing responsibility? 

It happened to me last November.  It started with an innocent social media post inviting anyone interested to come along and talk about creating a TEDx event in Stavanger.  I knew about TED Talks, of course, and loved them – most people do.   And I was curious to know what happened behind the scenes at a TED gathering.  But curiosity was pretty much where it ended.  I might just consider volunteering to help if there was a role small enough… 

Collaboration is a keystone in TEDx Stavanger

So to emerge from the meeting two hours later as one of three core organizers with joint legal responsibility for a high-profile public event was a bit of a surprise.  

And that was just the beginning.  I had no idea about the number of hours, the intense social interaction, the total commitment this new “project TEDx” would demand of me.  TEDx is a relentless partner.  And yet it has given back more than I could have begun to imagine…

Like the meetings with an array of astonishing individuals whom we’ve approached as potential speakers.  Like the fantastic expertise and dedication of our super-diverse team of volunteer organizers.  And like the willingness of our sponsoring partners and collaborators to donate, to open doors, to make things happen.  TEDx has a way of engaging and enrolling people that is a wonder to behold.

So be ready everyone!  Starship TEDx is heading for Stavanger.  It’s landing on 16th June this year, and will have on board a wonderfully diverse, exciting, committed and passionate band of speakers and performers.  Most of all it’s carrying some amazing ideas –  ideas that are vital for the future of all of us.  Ideas that bring us “Tomorrow’s Challenges, Today”.  Ideas worth spreading…

But be careful what you sign up for!  TEDx is seductive.  It might just change your life, in deep, unexpected, moving and wonderful ways….

Dave Roberts

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